British National Curriculum

We follow the British National Curriculum that provides an outstanding acadamic education recognised worldwide.

The children follow a prescribed set of learning outcomes for English, Mathematics, Science, Computing, History, Geography, Design Technology, Art, Music, PSHE and Physical Education.

We also provide Spanish as an additional subject.  



Montessori Pedagogy

Our educational programme is underpinned on the Montessori pedagogy where the children benefit from a personalised learning plan to foster independent learning, responsibility and time management. The children also benefit from real life experiences through the use of project based learning.


Our Educational Program

We provide a different way to how other online schools operate where they attempt to replicate direct teaching of all subjects in the classroom. Instead, our students are responsible for their own learning but who are guided and supported by the teachers on a daily basis. This flipped learning environment is achieved through a Personalised Learning Plan where students join classes within our physical school together with offline independent work, projects and one to one tutorials. All class sizes are limited to 15 children. Students progress is continuous assessed and recorded which is available to parents.

To find out more about how our students learn click the link below. 


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